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Peace In My Home Marriage Planner For Busy Couples!
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If you are busier than ever with the kids (soccer, dance practice, school plays etc), work, being an entrepreneur, traveling, serving your community or caring for an aging parent, you probably need some help making your marriage a priority again.

You're trying to build a legacy for your family but you shouldn't have to sacrifice your relationship to get there. I created this planner to fit into your already busy lifestyle. 
If you’re ready to actively work towards bettering your marriage, there’s a solution for you in my Peace In My Home Marriage Planner For Busy Couples!
With this planner you'll learn…
  • The importance of staying engaged and present in your marriage as you work to improve it (no more checking out when things get a little rocky)
  • How to establish a firm sense of communication with your husband (learn to feel comfortable telling your husband any and everything again)
  •  How to prevent major conflicts before they explode into arguments (resolve the little misunderstandings before things escalate)
  •   How to respond to your husband in a positive, uplifting way (no more jumping the gun with harsh words)
This planner is for you if…
  •  You're looking for something that you and your husband can work on together (this planner comes with his and hers editions so both of you can use them together)
  •  You want a product that stands out from other relationship material (suggestions, activities and tips are included, it's not just a calendar)  
  •  You want to pinpoint and resolve your marital challenges now
  •  You feel you and your husband my be reaching the point of no return (D-Word)
  • You’re looking for tools created and certified by experts to help improve your marriage

What People Are Saying...
The Peace In My Home Couples Planner is genius! I've only had it for a few weeks but it has already made a huge impact in our marriage. It's so easy to forget how to make your relationship a priority.  We both have full careers with personal and professional goals. The planner gives us simple things we can do daily or weekly to maintain a peaceful and joyful marriage. I know when he's using the planner because of the special attention he gives me. Having the planner and doing the work allows us to reconnect.  No matter where you are in your marriage, you should try it. You will not be disappointed!
~Katrina M.
As someone who has had many relationship bumps over the years and now that I am dating with purpose, I have been studying successful relationships and techniques to incorporate to have a successful relationship which prompted me to the participate in the Relationship Review webinar. I found the information that was shared useful. It forced me to think about needs in a relationship differently and motivated me to ask questions that I may not ordinarily ask and so glad I did because my honey’s needs are very different from what I thought he would say. Thank you, thank you for sharing great tips and tools for couples to leverage to do the work. 
~Otelia H.
Renee's guidance and assistance in our discussion of our results were invaluable. She provided an objective perspective that made both my husband I feel supported. This has not been the case when we have engaged in other counseling/advising sessions. Renee's candor, expertise, and genuine care actually motivated me! After our session, my husband and I both came away with specific, daily activities we could do to make sure our roles/expectations for each other are being met. She definitely is an extremely professional mediator, with just the right touch of humor that made even discussing some of the more difficult topics more comfortable. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about making a shift in their relationship, one that will have lasting, generational results and impact.
~Dawn C.
Thank you so much and I have so enjoyed your relationship review sessions on Facebook live. I have had so many ah ha moments...I definitely want to share with my hubby. Thanks again for sending this so quickly. 
~Donna W.
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About the Author...
Reneè Mack Jones
Mediation & Conflict Management Expert
Reneé Mack Jones is a seasoned expert in mediation, conflict management, and interpersonal relationships. 

As CEO of One Accord Media, she’s known for delivering a highly effective, results-based, and inclusive approach to problem solving. 

Fiercely passionate, Reneé focuses her work on busy couples. She offers conflict management services such as post-nuptial agreements and marriage mediation for couples, as well as conflict management coaching for individuals. 

Additionally, she produces books, events and other content to support enduring, legacy-leaving marriages. 
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As a mom and wife, I understand the challenges couples face while trying to balance family life at the same time. can feel impossible to steal moments away for just you and “him”. As an expert in mediation, I’ve encountered couples that genuinely want to improve their relationship but just don’t have the tools or encouragement to see the process through. But with my new couples planner, you'll be equipped with the tools to not only overcome challenges in your marriage but to thrive in your relationship long after. - Reneé Mack Jones
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